Should you Spay or Neuter your Dog?

Should you Spay or Neuter your Dog?

This has always been a major question to lots of dog parents – whether or not their beloved pets be spayed or neutered. Different owners might have different views on this but in this article, we will discuss some points that might give you an idea of whether or not to spay or neuter your pets.

1. Understanding what is Spay or Neuter
Basically, spaying means the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus are removed from a female pet – so spay is referred to as a female dog (or cat). A spayed female cannot produce babies nor will have periods.

Whereas, Neuter is for male dogs (or cats) – their testicles are removed. This also means they cannot contribute to producing puppies.

2. Health benefits?
For Female pets: Spaying helps to prevent ovarian cancer, uterine infections, and breast tumors.
For Male pets: Neutering dogs reduce the risk of testicle cancer and/or prostate diseases.

3. Behaviour changes
Spayed and Neutered Dogs may reduce roaming around, and are more likely to show calm behaviors. They might be friendlier. Additionally, male dogs are less likely to hump.

4. Life Span
Based on research (by the University of Georgia on 70 thousand animals), neutered and spayed pets had shown increased life expectancy in male dogs by 13.8% and in females by 26.3%.

5. Right age to Spay or Neuter
It is said that the right age to spay female dogs is before the first heat (usually 5-6 months) whereas for male dogs it is six to nine months.

All this information has been gathered from various sources. Please do ask your VET for considering the right time to spay or neuter and other pros and cons.