Puppy Potty training at home

Potty Training

If you are a dog parent then this possibly is one of the most important things you want to look at. Nobody wants a dog peeing or poping around – this doesn’t feel good for sure! Anyway, if you are new dog parents, then the good news is you can train your puppies to pee or poop in a designated area at home. But please do keep in mind that this will take some time and you ought to have some patience for a few weeks (or less).

Lot more people with different strategies and ways to potty train their dog babies. However, we will only highlight a few pointers that have actually worked for us.

1. Take your puppy outside
To get started, take your puppy outside to the designated area where you want your puppy to throw their waste. It’s suggested to take them outside at least every one or two hours (if younger than every 30min). Once the puppy realizes the routine it will be much easier to train them. Furthersome, if you say a word like “Potty time” or anything then eventually your puppy will understand that it’s their time to throw. However, make a clear distinction between potty time and playtime.

Please note, puppies may take some to completely finish up – so even if it has done its job let them roam around for additional 5-10 minutes as they may not have finished it completely.

2. Be patient
While you take your puppy outside s/he may not poop or pee. Actually, you might have to wait 10-15 minutes for them to get started, plus you cannot be sure, especially in the beginning. So be patient and wait till your puppy throws it away. Once it understands where to pee/poop it will be much easier. Plus giving him a treat after doing his business might be motivating to your puppy.

3. Four Paws Wee Wee Pads
You can find these pads on market. Using it wisely will make it much easier for you in the long run. Whenever your puppy wakes up after sleep or looks around or moves around in a circle, you can place these Wee Wee pads so they can do their mess. Once they know where to do their business you can move these pads further and further to the door or wherever you want your puppy to do their job. Eventually, your puppy will understand and look for the Wee Wee pads to finish their work.

4. Poop Spray
This works great for some dogs while it may be useless for others. So the only option is to give it a try and see if it will work for you. To use this, spray on the designated area – this (it worked) will trigger your dog and make tell them that it’s ok to do their business here. If this works for your dog, it will be very easy to potty train.

5. Crate Training
First thing first choose the right crate for your puppy. It shouldn’t be too big or too small – too big might lead your puppy to throw in the other corner and too small will make them uncomfortable. Make your puppy realize that the crate is their home and it is NOT A PUNISHMENT. If you lock up your puppy for doing anything wrong then they will see the crate as a punishment center, rather use it to make your puppy’s home. Usually, dogs do not mess around in the area they live but please do notice if your puppy is whining or is trying to go out – this might be an indication that they want to throw. Try them to avoid pottying in their crate because if they do, they might feel it is “ok” to do it inside which might be a bad habit. Even if they do it there, clean it properly and try to have a closer look.

6. Accident will Happen
It is certain that your puppy will do a mess in the house once or a while. If s/he does scolding or shouting at them might not help. Instead, simply clean it and throw the waste away – if possible in the area where you want it to do its work. DOgs have the habit of popping or peeing at the same sport or where they find the odors. So make sure to clean the area inside your house (where it pooped or peed) – you can use baking soda or Vinegar water solution to clean it properly.

If you see your dog in the act of peeing or poping – distract it with a sound (or make a sound not shouting, however) and take him/her to the designated area immediately. Again you will need to wait and have patience while they do their job.

7. Supervision
Having a puppy is not that easy, especially in the earlier weeks. So please have a closer look at them for a few weeks. Once they grow up and know the rules you will not have any hard time cleaning the mess inside the house.

Some of these methods have actually worked for our puppies, so we really hope it will work for your doggo too 🙂