keeping your dog off the kitchen

keeping your dog off the kitchen

Many dog owners want to train their dogs to keep them OFF the kitchen. Personally, I do not mind my dogs coming to the kitchen, but having a trained dog isn’t bad. Plus sniffing on the counters and stealing food won’t be nice for sure. So in this article, I will quickly share some tips that can be useful to train your dog to put them away from the kitchen.

1. Start Young
Well, training a young puppy is much easier than growing mature dogs. So if you are a new dog parent then try to train your puppy when they are young as it will be much faster to see results. Having said that, if your dog is already grown then as well you can train them not to enter the kitchen – you might require more practice and patience.

2. Make a clear division
Before you begin, separate the kitchen area from the regular area – you can use some tapes or any other markings so that it clearly distinguishes between the area not to enter vs the other areas.

3. Specific Commands
Once you have marked the area, ask your dog to enter the kitchen. Obviously, he would try to cross the line without any hesitation, but you should stop with a verbal word may be like “No entry to the kitchen”, “out of the kitchen” or anything that’s suitable for you. Repeat this and your dog will understand that the marker line is a clear no-no.

4. Closing the door
Our dog really liked watching us or seeing us even if he is doing nothing. When we first try to train our pet to keep it off the kitchen, he’d always try to enter and sleep on the kitchen floor. Then we started the habit of closing the door if he enters the kitchen. Whenever our dog tried to step in, we closed the door and opened it after a few minutes. Repeating this made our dog realize that entering the kitchen means the door is going to be closed. Soon after, in a couple of days, he stopped entering the kitchen.

5. Using a leash
You can also use a leash and walk toward the kitchen. Stop before entering the kitchen and if your dog tries to step in tighten or hold the leash. This should give your doggo a sense that there’s some boundary to entering the kitchen.

6. Patience & Practice
Your dog will not be trained overnight (sorry), it will take some time for your dog to be trained. So please be a little patient and practice it for a couple of weeks till your dogs get the idea and stop entering the kitchen.

All this information has been gathered from various sources and our own personal experiences. If you like what you are reading please show some love to our YouTube Channel.