How to give your dog a bath?

How to give your dog a bath?

Well, this sounds simple but yet could be really challenging depending on your dog. Some simply love water and stay calm while bathing while some are too restless and make it very difficult to clean them up. But anyway, we will quickly go through how we bathe our dog and hope it helps you too!

1. When should your dog bath
There are no specific times when a dog should take a bath however, your dogs do not need to take bath as frequently as humans. Actually, frequent bathing your dogs might dry their skin, so a rule of thumb be once a month or if you want to bathe it less frequently than be every two months.

But again it highly depends on other factors too like the breed of the dogs, or if you take your pet outdoors quite often. Simply bathe it once a month or when your dog smells bad that should be good in most cases.

2. Shampoo
Human soaps and Shampoo are not recommended for dogs – because they might irritate their skin. You can use various products that are actually made for dogs and it’s easily available on the market.

3. Brushing before the bath
If you can brush your dog then please do it before the shower. This will make it much easier (less hair fall) and also loosens the knots so will be much easier while bathing your doggo.

4. Water
We often use lukewarm water (not so cold nor too hot). In our experience, this has made bathing easier as the dog relaxes when pouring the lukewarm water.

5. Leashing
If your dog does not enjoy a bath then it might be a good idea to use a leash so that s/he cannot run with wet water. Some dogs, however, enjoy bathing or easily follow commands, in such case you may not require it (but keep it on your side just in case).

6. How to bathe your dog?
As mentioned earlier, brush your dog from head to tail. Then take him where you want him to take a bath. Use a leash (if required) so that the dog does not run away. Pour lukewarm water gently all over his body (We usually leave the head at first because our dog tends to become more restless when water is poured on his head. Then apply the appropriate dog Shampoo and rinse thoroughly on his body. After that simply wash it with lukewarm water.

You may then gradually clean the head by pouring some water followed by shampoo and cleaning it.

7. Towel or use a dryer
We personally prefer a Towel to dry our dog and then leave him in the sun for a while. Using an Air dryer might make the drying process faster but some dogs might be a little afraid so depending on how your dog reacts use a towel or a dryer. Personally, we suggest towel dry and leaving him in the sun with a mattress (or something) for a few minutes – they’ll dry quickly.

8. Reward with a treat
And lastly, after everything is done, giving a treat will be pleasing to your dog. This is to make him more comfortable on his second bath.

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