How to clip/trim your dog’s nails?

Jimmi - 21 Years Survivor Dog

It is very important to have a closer look at your Dog’s nails because longer nails increase the risk of injury. Longer nails might be torn, or not provide proper grips to the paws, and many more. Thus, it is very important to check on your pet’s paws.

Even though many say that a dog’s nail should be trimmed for 3-4 weeks but there is no universal rule to it. For instance, my pets are very active and they run all day long on the top terrace (which is a hard cemented floor). This possibly has shaped their nails, so we don’t have to clip in quite often. Though we make sure to check them and see if it is short enough or torn.

1. Dog Nail Clippers
First thing first please do not use human nail clippers for dogs, rather choose a good quality nail clipper. Some dogs prefer grinders to clippers but from our personal experience, using modern clippers is much faster and easier.

2. Check your pet’s nail
As mentioned earlier, there is no universal rule that you should trim your dog’s nail at a certain time, instead check on their nails and see if it is too long or torn. You can then decide to trim your dog’s nails. Additionally, some dogs nails grow faster compared to others.

3. Be gentle
Not all dogs are easy to touch their feet and this definitely makes it very difficult to trim their nails. What worked for us is giving a treat and then gradually bringing them to their comfort zone. Once they are fine and comfortable you can trim their nails.

4. Cutting the nails
Find a right and comfortable position to cut the nails and firmly hold your dog’s paws between your thumb and forefinger. Then slightly push the paw pad so that you can see the entire nail. Then use the clipper to cut the nail, however, please do not cut the nail too close to the paw pad as it might lead to bleeding.

5. Bleeding from nails
Sometimes you might cut your dog’s nail too short. In such a case, there might be bleeding from the nails, but do not panic, rather use some medicines. You can use soft cotton to clean the blood and use Styptic Powder, the bleeding should stop shortly. However, please then be very careful not to trim your dog’s nails too short.

6. Treat your dog
While this whole process sometimes may not be pleasing. But please reward your dogs for staying calm and good behavior so that they’d feel more comfortable while trimming their nails in the future.

7. Playing area
If you have a hard surface (not grass) and your dogs play around then chances are the nails might be grinded on the floor naturally. However, please always have a closer look at your pet’s nails.

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