Did you know about these toxic and dangerous foods for dogs?

toxic and dangerous foods for dogs

As a dog owner, it’s always a big question if human foods are good for your dogs or not. Sorry to break this but unfortunately, not every Human food is healthy for your dogs; in fact, some foods can actually be very toxic and can have a long-term negative effect on your favorite pet. So let’s figure out some foods that are a complete NO-NO to your dog. However, please note this is not a complete list, in case of food poisoning or allergies please consult your vet.

1. Onions & Garlic:
While these foods are mostly found in the human diet – they shouldn’t be fed to your Pet. A compound known as N-propyl disulfide is found on Onions which can cause anemia, thus avoid these foods in any form.

2. Chocolates:
This can be really appealing to us – humans, but sadly not for our pets. Chocolates contain theobromine content which affects their metabolism. A higher quantity of chocolates can be a real threat to your pet.

3. Grapes, raisins, and sultanas:
It does look like these fruits may be harmless to your pet, but please do not feed your doggo with these fruits. The tartaric acid in grapes could cause vomiting, and diarrhea but more importantly, these fruits might also lead to Kidney failure.

4. Avocados:
This is another fruit to be avoided as the persin, a fungicidal toxin, on these fruits can cause serious health problems (even death). So do not feed your puppy, dogs with Avocados.

5. Macadamia Nuts:
These nuts may also be harmful to your dogs – even in a small quantity. In some rare cases, dogs may feel inflammation of the pancreas.

6. Alcoholic drinks:
Pegs of Alcohol might be tempting to humans – but it might be poisonous and toxic to your dogs. While the effect may vary from dog to dog, alcoholic drinks may cause vomiting, diarrhea, hypothermia, etc.

7. Salty foods and Snacks:
Feeding excess salty foods to your pet may cause dehydration and even sodium ion poisoning. Thus, it is a good idea to avoid giving salty foods or snacks (chips, salted popcorn, etc) to your pet.

8. Caffeine:
Coffee and caffeine included products should not be fed to your dogs. These caffeine products can lead to indigestion and even the death of puppies. So it’s better to avoid feeding these dogs.

Please do not consider the above-mentioned food as a complete list. There might be tons of other foods that might be harmful to your pet. Please consult your VET in case of food poisoning or allergies.