Celebrating Dog’s Birthday with a cake?

Celebrating Dog's Birthday with a cake

As dog parents, we’d love to celebrate the special day of our dog and treat him with many goodies and eateries. And one of the of course is the Birthday cake – but did you know that you should be very considerate while giving your dog a cake? If you ask me personally I usually avoid feeding cakes to dogs.

1. Chocolate Cakes
Chocolate is a Big no-no and thus there’s no way you can order a Chocolate Cake for your dog. Please do not feed chocolate or chocolate cakes to your dog – it will have an adverse effect on their metabolism and even is a real threat.

2. Rich Sugar Contents on Cake
One of the most common ingredients on any cake is Sugar. And the amount of sugar that’s usually on a cake is not good for the dog’s digestive system and “could” make it sick.

3. Gluten
Most cake contains Gluten and this might make have a negative effect on your pet’s digestion, in fact, it could behave lasting painful effects on your dogs.

4. Gluten-Free or Sugar-Free Cakes
Well, Gluten-free and Sugar-free cakes might be safe for humans but pets are still at risk. Thus, instead of calculating if those cakes are good or not why simply avoid cakes and choose something else?

5. Other ingredients on  Cakes
There might be various several other ingredients that may not be healthy for your dog – it could have nuts,  raisins, etc that are harmful to your pet.

Final Note: In addition to this, cakes are high in calories and fat which can be harmful to your pets. Thus, it’s better to avoid cakes and give them some other treats on their special day.