Celebrating Dog's Birthday with a cake

Did you know that you should be very considerate while giving your dog a cake? If you ask me personally I usually avoid feeding cakes..

keeping your dog off the kitchen

So in this article, I will quickly share some tips that can be useful to train your dog to put them away from the kitchen.

Should you Spay or Neuter your Dog?

This has always been a major question to lots of dog parents – whether or not their beloved pets be spayed or neutered.

How to give your dog a bath?

Well, this sounds simple but yet could be really challenging depending on your dog. But anyway, we will quickly go through how we bathe our dog.

clip/trim your dog’s nails

Even though many say that a dog’s nail should be trimmed for 3-4 weeks but there is no universal rule to it.

Jimmi - 21 Years Survivor Dog

We got Jimmi (my doggo) when I was probably six years. He was healthy, playful, and had a very good life span – 21 years.

Potty Training

If you are a dog parent then Potty training is possibly one of the most important things you want to look at.

toxic and dangerous foods for dogs

Here is the list of some of the foods that can be dangerous and toxic to your dogs. Please do not feed theme these foods.