Life at Mayur

We as an employer understand the value of the most productive time a person spends at work. On the other hand we as a family know to make these valuable times the most cherished times in each member's life.

Working here is not a job, but a journey, an experience. A well rounded work environment, work-life balance, family like structure, growth paths and knowledge sharing allows all our employees a place where they can grow their potential and contribute in building a better tomorrow.

Life here is about the people, it's about us. We people here have a belief that we have a great work culture, fine training opportunities, numerous growth paths, and career development opportunities, and above all we are a well knit organization. We believe in celebrating every occasion and share these happy moments just like a family. We welcome suggestions and ideas from every person and this freedom creates greater level of involvement from our people.

  • Being Part of the vision:

    It is in the culture to be attuned to the vision of the company. Every person associated with us contributes towards the fulfillment of the vision.

  • Training and Development:

    Learning is a routine here.

    Here, the focus of learning and development is on building the capabilities of the employees so that they are fully geared to meet the expectations of different stakeholders of the company.

    Personal development initiatives of technical and managerial training are regularly conducted to enhance the human potential. This is also combined with its strong belief that employees are central to the company’s transformation and growth.

  • Work Culture:

    We believe in the endless human potential and provide a platform to all our employees to perform and outshine. We value creativity and freedom of taking independent decisions and calculated risks which empower our employees to pursue their ambitions and dreams. We comprehend our employee’s interests and provide them with all available resources in the organization to harness them.

    We work like a perfect unit and our culture is shaped up with immense feeling of camaraderie. A closer look into the culture opens up a family like structure with making each person count and accountable.

    Countless opportunities await one who has the drive. We will be by your side to achieve this glory.

Best Under a Billon Award